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The effect on human health of Ag/TiO2nm-treated leathers for footwear industry

Project start: 1.1.2015
Duration: 36 months
Total funding: 466.739 €

Ecologic and health effects of applying materials with advanced functions for leather surface finishing are priorities for the European leather industry and contribute to the increase of added value and durability of leather and fur articles. The innovative properties of Ag/TiO2NMs on leather surface are due to their antimicrobial, self-cleaning and flame retardant characteristics. Furthermore, it leads to a reduction of chemicals with high pollutant potential. The cytotoxicity study of the Ag/TiO2NM’s efficiency for leather functionalization related to the dose response on human health is very important for their large scale application in footwear industry. In vitro assessment of the impact of Ag/TiO2NMs use in leather surface finishing on different human cell lines will enrich knowledge regarding MNMs effects on human health at cellular level. Computer simulation analysis, which tests hypotheses with in silico experiments, will provide new information on the morphology of human cell.
Carmen Gaidau 2

Project coordinator:
Dr. Carmen Gaidau: carmen.gaidau@icpi.roicpi@icpi.ro
R&D National Institute for textile and Leather (INCDTP)–Leather and Footwear Research Institute (ICPI) Division

Project partners:

1. R&D National Institute for textile and Leather (INCDTP)–Leather and Footwear Research Institute (ICPI) Division,

2. Universidade do Minho,

3. Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology “Nicolae Simionescu”,

4. SC Taro Commimpex LTD

5. Montan-Universität Leoben (MUL)

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